Making inclusion work in early childhood and primary schools – International Tour!

Thank you to all who came and to our excellent speakers for a wonderful day!


When educators work with young children to implement inclusion, they need to blend general and special education techniques naturally into a harmonious classroom approach. In doing so they are able to cater for all children’s learning needs seamlessly. This means knowing when and how to use responsive and intentional teaching to help all children engage with information and materials, to understand and perform at their best. The comprehensive ‘blended practices’ approach is ideal for current and future early childhood educators working with children from ages two upwards. It provides educators with explicit guidance on:

  • tailoring instruction to each child’s individual needs
  • embedding learning opportunities so that they address all children’s goals
  • developing a successful classroom approach and curriculum framework
  • working effectively with other professionals who consult about individual children’s goals
  • working effectively with families.


Who are the speakers?

Professor Jennifer Grisham Brown is a specialist in young children with severe disabilities and blending practices to support them and all children, in being included throughout curricula. Professor Mary Louise Hemmeter, focuses on effective instruction, social emotional development (The Pyramid Model), challenging behaviour, and coaching teachers to promote children’s development.